ED  KUMAR: 10/1/12
          6 Point Buck
The second week of season Bill Kumar, Ed's son
came in the shop to pick up some arrows and in
conversation he told me his dad was all excited
because he got a six point opening day. I said why
didn't you bring it in? Bill got this thoughtful look
on his face and said, "We got in the contest, didn't
we?". I said yes you did. Bill said he would send
me some pictures and the story so we could
surprise his dad.

For those of you on Facebook this is the 1/2 deer story
I was talking about.

Here is a E-Mail I just recieved from Ed's son Bill:

Ben, sorry for the delay. Here is the story of my Dad's hunt October 1st. My Dad had bought a new PSE bow from Ben at Creekwood Archery three weeks before the October 1st opening day. My Dad had been shooting an old Fred Bear bow for 30 plus years and had only killed one deer with the bow, many years ago. I had encouraged him to buy a new bow with a release to increase his chances of success. We went in and visited with Ben at Creekwood and had decided the PSE was the way to go. My dad then went back to Creekwood for his hour long free lesson with Ron and learned how to shoot with a release and became familiar with his new bow. After the lesson for the next three weeks my Dad and I practiced in my backyard. Opening day, my Dad, myself and our long-time hunting partner Mel Burch went to our regular spot in Brockport. My dad hunting out of a blind had a buck come out of the thickets and turned broadside twenty three yards out. He took the shot and hit the buck a little towards the back. About a half hour latter he called me and said he had one down. We waited about an hour and I went over to meet him near where he shot the buck along with Mel Burch. We got on a blood trail and found the arrow. The arrow was bent at about a 45 degree angle. It looked like the deer had pulled it out of his side. While tracking the deer we I thought I had heard him cross a trail and go into the next woods. Mel and my Dad stayed on the blood trail and I went and circled the woods. As I was walking I saw some trees and brush swaying back and forth. As I got closer I could see the 6 point was trying to stand up and run. I crouched down and called my Dad on the radio and told him I had the buck in my sites. I waited 5 or so minutes and by the time Mel and my Dad got there the buck had died. This is the first deer my Dad had gotten with a bow in more than 30 years. He had went out every bow season and I believe he really didn't think he had a chance of killing a deer but always liked to be in the woods when myself there. I was as happy for him as I would have been if I would have gotten a deer. I wanted to thank Ben, Marcia and Ron at Creekwood for helping my Dad pick his bow and giving him a lesson to insure he could use the bow to the best of his abilities. - Thanks, Bill