DAVE  D'ETTORRE: 10/30/12
          126 LB DOE

While we were scoring Ed Prince's monster buck,
Dave came in with this real nice Doe. Dave is a
relatively new customer. His son and daughter
just completed our 6 week program we do for
Parma Recreation. His son Dave is in first place,
after only 1 week of our Fall Saturday Youth

Dave also runs his own archery deer contest for
bucks only, and has 33 friends in it. He is a Assistant
Scout Master and before bringing his doe over here
to weight it, he took it to his Scout meeting tonight.
For some of the boys in the Troup it was the first
dead deer they had ever seen. He talked to them
about setting goals, accomplishment, stretching
yourself out to achieve things that are very difficult,
not being afrade of taking on new things in your life
which are very difficult which bowhunting is. Maybe
he was saying to them, BE PREPARED! At any rate,
Dave was hunting in Ogden, NY when he took his 10
yard shot at 5:30pm. Think about that, how good of a
hunter do you have to be to be that close? The Doe
only went 60 yards and to give you an idea of the size
of the doe, two people are tied at 141 for the biggest
doe's ever taken in our contest in the last 20 deer
seasons. The difference is only 15 pounds. Great job
Dave and great table fair also.