DAN  UTTER: 11/6/12
          149 LB
          10 Point 158 4/8"
           POPE & YOUNG BUCK

Dan just called me and said, " I'm not in the contest,
but I just shot a 10 Pointer, The nicest bow buck I
have ever taken. Could you weigh it for me?". I
said get your butt in here. When ever you get here
is fine with me. He said I don't much it weighs, but
I couldn't drag it.

Dan stopped at the gas station this morning to get
gas, and the guy at the station said, "Do you know
there is a big 10 pointer across the street from
where you hunt". Dan said, "I better call the owner
and see if I can hunt there today".

Dan said to me tonight, I hope he will still let me
hunt there after I killed the 10 point he has been

Dan was hunting in a little patch of woods that is in
the middle of a big corn field. He had scent wicks
out, but this buck never smelled them unless he
circled completely around, before coming in.

Dan heard something, looked to his right and
immediately saw the buck. He turned in his stand,
drew his bow, the buck was at 30 yards, and he
started to squeese off the shot. The buck moved,
Dan let down and the buck came closer stopping
at 20 yards. Dan drew his bow, there was a stick
in the way, but from shooting our Indoor 3D league,
he new his arrow would miss it.

He took the shot with his 100 grain Striker broadhead
and watched the buck tip over after running about 50
yards out into the corn field that had just been cut.

The shot was made at 4:15pm in Bergen, NY. Dan
said it was a beautiful day to hunt. In the afternoon
the sun was shining warm on him and he kept kinda
doozing off. This is the biggest deer he has taken
with any weapon.  This is a Wooda - Coulda -
Shoulda - Buck, but who the hell cares. Maintaining
your composure with a animal of this class just 20
yards away is not a easy thing to do.
Happy Election Day Dan.