10/8/12 - Doe
            10/22/12 - 143 LB
            7 Point 69 7/8" Buck

On this day at approximately 5:50 Clarence stood
up in his stand to shoot a squirrel, because he had
contacted the disease his younger brother Dalton
has. It's called, "The shoot all the squirrels in the
woods disease".

However before Clarence could harvest the squirrel
this 7 pointer took his attention away from the grey

At 5:53pm in Hulberton, NY wearing his lucky deer
killing shirt formally belonging to his mother he
made a perfect 35 yard shot with his 100 grain
Thunderhead broadhead. He had a complete pass
thru, and the buck only went 120 yards. This is his
first bow buck and I thought he was a little excited.
When he called me, ha hadn't even gutted it yet. I
love the fact that I got to share in a day Clarence
will never forget.

When we were adding up the score for his buck his
dad mentioned the Clarence had shot a Doe with a
7 yard shot on October 8th also in Hulberton. That
deer only went 35 yards and Clarence watched it
tip over kicking in a Soy Bean field. They didn't
realize the contest wasn't just for bucks.

This is the third deer in 20 seasons of our Creekwood
Deer Contest to have a mane. My neighbor who owns
the Horse farm east of us on Lawrence Road shot a
real nice Buck on a Thanksgiving morning that had a
mane that went from the top center of his head down
to his shoulder blades. The year before that Kurt Smith
south of Creekwood shot a big doe during archery
season which had a mane a six inches longer than this

When my neighbor down the road brought his mened
buck in, he asked me how his buck would have done
in Creekwood's deer contest, I told him he had obviously
breed the buck with a horse so it wouldn't be allowed.

to When Clarence comes in, I will have to ask him
if he wears this shirt under his camo or not.


This is the first picture the brain dead archery
shop owner took without a flash.