BEN  FLUGEL: 10/28/12
          122 LB
          6 Point 54 3/8" BUCK

I was hoping for one of their grape fed Southern
Tier NY deer which they say taste much better.
This buck is Corn and Soybean fed from Hamlin,
NY USA, and I know what they taste like.

The reason Ben has such a good smile on his face
is because this is his first Bow Buck. A couple years
ago he put a deer out of it's misery with his bow, but
because it had been hit by a car, but he said naturally
that didn't count. Ben and Chris his brother are twins
and these two guys have so much fun together you
wouldn't believe. Ben was in here with his girlfriend
a month or so ago and I told her if she and Ben get
married, Chris was moving in with them. I can't
repeat the answer she gave me, but Ben you have to
remember women rule.

Ben shot was 20 yards with a Team Realtree 100 grain
broadhead at 5:45pm. He did not get a pass thru, but
the buck only went 50 yards. Those are the kind of
tracking jobs bowhunters dream about, especially
when it's raining. Ben watched the buck for 5 to 7
minutes before the shot presented itself. He had his
stand up over a dry creek bed on a farm that he
worked on when he was a kid. Wegmans doesn't know
how lucky they are to have these two hard working
guys in there employ. Or maybe they do. At any rate
when you kill your first bow buck,