TOM  SAWYER: 10/23/11
          165 LB
          11 Point 113 4/8" BUCK

Tom has had a hunting camp down near Belfast, NY for many years. This past weekend he and his friends had a super weekend. They took 3 bucks, a Spike, a 8 Point and Sunday evening Toms beautiful 11 Point. He took the buck at 6:10 pm with a 18 yard shot. I will get him to send me some pictures. He told me Ron took a bunch of pictures, but Ron didn't. If it wasn't for the coyotes his buck probably would have weighted 185 pounds or better. The buck went about 100 yards. His broadhead was a 100 grain Thunderhead. It had 5 points on the left side and 6 on the left side which was palmated. I asked Tom if this was his best buck taken at his camp. The answer was no, I took a 170 class buck with my bow down there a few years back. Tom is a year around archer, a hunting machine who shoots indoors all winter and outdoors all summer. He has given a great deal to archery all his life. When I was treasurer of Flying Arrow, a local archery club we had $28,500.00 in the bank and I would guess more than $18,000.00 of that was earned with Tom Sawyer's chain saw. If you ever get a chance to meet Tom, your talking with a dedicated archer.