STEVE WARD: 11/05/11
          146 1/2 LB
          10 Point 117 0/8" Ohio BUCK

Steve has hunted out of state plus NY State for many
years, and has taken some real sweet whitetails.

He took this buck with a Slick-Trick Broadhead with
a 20 yard shot.

It was a complete pass through and the buck only
went 50 yards.

Picture in your mind how long it takes a deer to run
50 yards and you get a pretty good idea of how effective
a broadhead tipped arrow is.

The deed was done at 8:15 am. His son Brandon on
the left took the 6 point in the youth division in
our contest.

The buck had a gross total of 129 3/8". As you can
see he is pretty knurly. He has a double Brow tine
on the left side and a G-3 on the right side. Steve
always has a lot of family support in regard to his
hunting adventures.