RON  PENNA: 11/09/11
          174 1/2 LB
          11 Point 125 6/8" Illinois BUCK

Ron worked his butt off to get this buck back home.
For years he has gone to Illinois with his friend
Chris Efing, but this year Chris came up with a blood
clot in his leg, so Penna went hunting solo.

Usually Chris takes his ATV and Ron decided to go
without his own ATV for some reason. When Penna is
all done, people are going to his service, looking down
at him they will be thinking, there is a man's man.

On Nov. 7th he texted me and said he passed a perfect
140" 8 point at 13 yards, the day before and hope I don't
regret it.

Two days later he shot this buck with a perfect 10 yard
quartering away shot. He tucked the arrow just behind
the last rib, got liver, both lungs, the heart and out the
briscut. It Grossed 140 5/8" - SWEET SWEET SWEET !

He was shooting a G5 Striker Broadhead and at 4:30 pm
the hunt was half over. The buck went 75 yards and
fell over dead.

If the buck had tipped over to the left life would have
been good, but NO, HE HAD TO TIP OVER TO THE
RIGHT and fell 75 yards down a gully.

75 yards isn't far with a ATV with a winch, and 75 yards
isn't as far with a deer sled, but without either of those,
75 yards is about 1 1/2 hours away.

Now that Ron is back to the top of the gully, he still
has to load the buck into the truck. For those of you
who only watch Cop shows on TV and see them
moving bodies around like it isn't anything, THAT
ISN'T REAL. Getting this buck in the back of his truck
was another 1 1/2 hour ordeal. It is like trying to put
200 pounds of jello in the back of a truck. When you
get the head in, the ass falls out and visa-versa.

Penna ended up under the deer, with his head pointed
away from the truck and lifted it up and backwords with
his back and put it in the truck, and then he said,
something he didn't tell me, and,

But his shoulders hurt. There is nothing this man can't
do, but I bet he wasn't smiling like he is in this picture.
He drove 13 hours and met me at 9:00 am sharp, the
next morning. MY HERO