RICK  SMITH: 10/23/11
           117 1/2 LB DOE
RICK  SMITH: 11/12/11
           187 LB 11 Point 158 0/8" BUCK - POPE & YOUNG

Rick was hunting out in Kent, NY when he made the 6 yard
shoot while standing on two tractor tires with a piece of
plywood on them and the doe was looking at him. He had
shot deer with his muzzle loader of the tire stand, but had
never harvested a deer with his bow out of this stand.

When I first looked a the doe, I said where did you hit her
and he rolled her over. Just before the arrow hit her it hit
a twig and deflected to the left. It sliced her side open and
stuffed itself into her left armpit so to speak. As you know
there a major artery there so she went less than 100 yards.

Rick was shooting a 100 grain Thunderhead. The young
lady in the plaid shirt is Chrissy, his fiancÚ and her mom.
Rick wasn't real excited about hunting the tire stand, but
the wind wasn't right at his other spot. He said his feet
were only 4 or 5 feet off the ground. I guess you don't have
to be 22 feet up a tree to kill a deer.

Those of you who have been around Creekwood any length
of time know Ricky and the caliber of shooter he is. There
have been a lot of dead deer in that red truck he bought
when he worked at Creekwood.

RICK  SMITH: 11/12/11
           187 LB 11 Point 158 0/8" BUCK - POPE & YOUNG

For anyone who has been around Creekwood Archery
for any length of time, you know who this is. The work
ethic this guy has is outstanding. He makes his time
count in all the things he does.

He worked for us for many years, graduated from
college, and now works full time as an auto-mechanic,
and has offered to help us out part time when we
are real busy.

This buck is an absolute fit for the type of person Ricky is.

This time Rick was hunting out in Carlton, NY with the
same hunting partner for 14 years.

First he saw a doe coming and then about 50 yards behind
her was this buck. He said to himself as he stood up, "Oh
my God", as he drew his bow. He was really worried the one
of them was going to see him.

The buck stopped and took a mouth full of Winter Wheat
and then continued to follow the doe. Ricky made three
kissing sounds to try to stop him which didn't work. Then
he made a "blat" sound, the buck stopped, and he
squeezed the trigger.

When Ricky squeezes the trigger you don't have to
wonder where the arrow is going.

The 20 yard pass thru shot with his 125 grain Thunderhead
Broadhead found it's mark the same way he shoots "X's".

The buck went about 80 yards, and the dirt nap was
in progress.

All you guys in the deer contest have got your work
cut out for you. Ricky has put a mark on the wall.

As a main frame 8 Point he Grossed 161 6/8".

Counting all the sticker points he Grossed 168 5/8".
Joe Bernstein was here when we measured and
weighed it. He has a drop tine from the left side from
2010 and has lots of trail cam pictures of this buck.
Joe was happy for Ricky getting the deer, congratulated
him and then was off to hunt a 10 Point he has had his
eye on.

On the right main beam he had a 7/8" sticker, and no
matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get an inch out of it.

As I write this, Rick is back out with his buddy, trying
to get his tag filled out. This kid loves to hunt, and this
date 11/12/11 will be burned into his memory, but
probably not as strong as 8/25/12 when he and
Chrissy get married.