156 1/2 LB
          8 Point 96 6/8" BUCK

Paulo is a bowhunter that really takes his hunting to the
next level. He practices during the summer. His stands
are all placed and trimmed out way before season.

The morning he took this dandy buck, he was in his
stand way before light. He was in the Front Apple
Tree Stand, he could here the deer crunching apples
but couldn't see who was doing the crunching.

When it got light enough he could see a doe. After
that he saw some turkeys, three raccoons and some
more does.

Finally he saw this buck which he watched for quite a
while. The buck offered him two shots which he passed
on and then the third time he was in a shooting lane the
deed was done.

What a super deer. Paulo was hinting in Clarkson, NY.
The G-3 on the right side was broken off, but I could
get a inch out of it. The G-3 on the left side was 5 6/8",
but those are the breaks (Ha-Ha). The buck had hung
for a day before we weighed it, and probably lost
10 or 15 pounds. What a nice buck Paulo!