112 1/2 LB
          6 Point 58 1/8" BUCK

Mike is a young man has a 6 month old daughter who
always comes to the shop with him. He is going to
send me some pictures of her in her camo with this
nice little 6 pointer.

Between his job, his daughter, and his brides schedule,
he doesn't have a lot of time to hunt. As far as bow
season is concerned, he is all done for this year, but he
will be out with a gun for sure.

Mike took this buck in Bergen, NY at 7:30 am with a
20 yard shot and the 100 grain Muzzy 3 Blade which
made two holes you could drive a truck thru.

Before he came to Creekwood he went in the house with
the bloody arrow and did the Ted Nugent thing, which he
has made a tradition in his family. His bride new
immediately he had gotten a deer. The next time I see Mike,
I need him to explain the Ted Nugent thing. He watched the
buck on a property he can't hunt, then it crossed a creek
and came down a trail heading East with his nose in the air.
The wind was coming out of the South so this guy was big
time scent checking. He made an absolutely perfect shot
on the buck who only went 40 yards. When he shot his pull
up rope got jammed between his cam and the fork of the
limb. He was lucky. Mike said he thought the rope was
hanging off the safety rail of his stand.

Mike claims his Chevy gets better mileage if it has deer
blood in it or on it. The picture below is from one night
when his Chevy went hunting. It's not really fair that a
car can get a tag after the fact. Mike works as a case
worker in Genesee County and has seen Brad Carney's
name on paper work, but doesn't think he knows him. I
am sure he will look him up now.

Mike Martinez

Ben wanted me to send pictures of my daughter, me and
the deer i shot. I was unable to send them to your email.

Well here's that 6 month old daughter in her
camo with pink trim of course.

She's holding on that rack dad.