JOHN BROZAK: 11/15/11
          81 3/4 LB DOE
JOHN BROZAK: 11/15/11
          156 1/2 lb 97 6/8" 8 Point BUCK

John took both these deer in Letchworth State Park
where he has been hunting for years.

He took the doe with a Muzzy 100 Grain at 12:00 noon
and the buck with a Rage Broadhead at 4:25 pm,
both with 25 yard shots.

The doe went 10 yards and died. In case anybody
should drive up and ask you John, Amy Oakden's
doe, your very own girlfriend's weighed 85 pounds,
which of course is only a mere 3 1/4 pounds more
than yours.

The buck went 50 yards and because John didn't like
the first hit, he shot her again at 50 yards.

Because he didn't like the hit, he backed out, gave the
buck 6 hours, and when he found it the Coyotes had
already been

I would guess the weight of the buck at over 170
pounds before Coyotes.

Our DEC claims Coyotes are not a problem in regard
to our deer herd. I absolutely disagree. The average
Coyote den brings 17 fawns back to the pups and
that doesn't count the fawns that are field. The real
world is not "The Walt Disney" world. The rear end
of John's buck could have been eaten before the
buck was dead. The real world in nature is beautiful,
but not always the way we as humans would like it
to be if we were in charge.