GRANT TAYLOR: 11/18/11
          4 Point BUCK

Grant was hunting down in Canandaigua on the last
day of the Early Bow Season and shot a 4 point. He
also had lots of time left and saw where his buck died
so decided to stay put and see if maybe he could kill
a doe. About 20 minutes later a bigger 4 point came
by, but no tag. When Grant decided quit hunting and
go deal with his buck, he let his bow down on his pull
up rope and heard a stick brake. He looked over and
there is a real nice 8 point - no tag - when it rains it
pours bucks.

Grant is hunting today, opening day of gun season with
his bow. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of
Grant Taylor.

I'm sure Grant will have some super pictures for the
Web-Site because Grant is a Professional
Photographer which reminds me. He has just started
his own photography business and he has the ability
and equipment to do anything you need in
photography. He has experiance working with major
corporations all over the world. No job is to big or small.
The main thing I can say about Grant is, he is a people
person, with common scence, a super work ethic and
just an all around fun person to be around. If you have
a need, get in touch with Creekwood and we can hook
you up with Grant. You won't be disappointed.