ED PRINCE JR.: 10/22/11
          108 1/4 LB
          6 Point 84 1/8" BUCK
Well the Prince family from Hamlin, NY are no strangers
to the Creekwood deer contest. I have always said when
you shoot your deer the hunt is only half over, except if
your last name is Prince. In the picture below rear left is
Ed Prince III and next to him is Duane Saunders and both
of these guys are former 1st place winners in our contest.
Ed Prince Jr is front left and Noah Prince who in a couple
years you may see in the contest. When Ed drew his bow
on this buck his peep sight was turned a little bit, which
broke his concentration. It sounded like a good hit, it
knocked the deer down, but he got back up and ran away.

Ed made a 20 yard shot at 7:20 am with a 100 grain Muzzy
and the story began. After a few minutes Ed went to get
his son and the tracking job began. The blood trail was
tough and they eventually jumped the buck who proceeded
to cross Sandy Creek. This wasn't a big problem because
the Salmon fisherman told them where the buck came out
on the other side. At this point they had to get permission
to go on the land where the buck was. When they got there
they jumped the buck again and he ran into a apple orchard.
Ed's son went to the far end of the orchard, was listening
and herd the buck's hooves on the pavement as he crossed
the road. They followed the blood trail, came up on the buck,
Ed put another arrow in it and the hunt was over.

The left side of the rack laying on the deer's side is there
because when the buck got up to run away, it ran into a
tree and broke it off. When I scored the rack, I noticed on
the right side there may have been a brow tine. They were
going back to check out the tree for another point.

And the rest of the story is,