133 LB
          7 Point BUCK

When Doug took this buck he had been watching the
deer for quite a while before he took the 30 yard shot
and never noticed a limp or anything about his gate
that was unusual. As you can see in the second picture,
the buck had been hit by a car and had a compound
fracture. Yes compound means the bone was sticking

Doug was worried about the meat and wanted my
opinion. I thought the meat was fine, there was no
odor or discoloration. I explained to him a DEC Officer
would issue him another tag, but would take the deer
including the rack. Doug's decision was to take it
home, cut it up himself and make his final decision
then. He was using a Satellite 145 grain Broadhead and
the buck went 0 yards because it was a neck hit. He
finished it off with a second arrow and the hunt was
over at 6:00 pm. Doug is in here with a deer every year.

Unless you get hit by a car. My question to every biologist
I meet is: "Why deer can learn about tree stands, but they
can't learn about motor vehicles. If you know the answer,
let me know.