170 LB
           9 Point 141 4/8" BUCK POPE & YOUNG

Bruce called me and wondered if he could bring a
buck in. On the phone he sounded like it was just
a buck.

Well so far with less than a week to go in the contest,
he he has 2nd place Weight and 2nd Place Rack. Not
bad for just a buck. I asked him if this was his best bow
buck and his answer was, "It's up there", WOW !

Bruce came in with his bride Patty who is behind him
100% on his deer management.

Bruce hadn't seen this buck all summer, but he did
see him the day before he killed him. Bruce is into
QDM big time and is able to enjoy his hobby of deer
hunting much longer than the season is open.

He shot the buck at 4:50 pm with a 20 yard shot and
the buck went only 60 yards. His 85 grain Thunderhead
Broadhead gave him a complete pass thru. He said
the buck stopped at 60 yards, took a couple of steps
sideways and then did a complete cartwheel to his
dirt nap.

He was hunting out in Gains, NY. His wife Patty is a
1st grade school teacher, they have been married
36 years and it is so cool to see the support she
gives her hubby in his hobby of bowhunting.