198 LB
          11 Point 126 4/8"
          POPE & YOUNG BUCK

Travis is no stranger in our deer contest, but this
year he has achieved a dream. When he game in
I asked him if he had any blood under his fingernails.
He said, "Ya I got one", like it wasn't anything
impressive -
you can't trust this guy.

Travis helps his family run the family farm, and like
all farmers he gets to watch deer while he is at work.
Some farmers want Armageddon when it comes to
deer eating their crops.

I can't speak for Travis's family, but I think Travis
and his friend Austin both hope they all grow up l
ike this guy.

Coyotes had pulled the bucks tail out and Travis had
already eaten one of the back straps and removed
some large pieces of fat or the buck would have been
well over 300 pounds. He was hunting in Murray, NY
when he took the 17 yard shot.

When I asked him how far the buck traveled, he got a
big smile on his face. He said we tracked it over four
different farms, it crossed it's own blood trail four times
and when it was passing only 5 yards from the stand I
shot it out of I decided to back out and get him in the
morning, which we did. The total blood trail was over 2
miles. Travis was using a Muzzy MX3 broadhead.  It was
a good hit and a complete pass thru. Whitetail deer have
an unbelievable tenacity for life. He died in his bedding