TOM SAWYER: 10/30/10
          154 LB
          8 Point 111 3/8" BUCK

Tom was hunting at his camp in Allegany County
near Belfast when he took this buck. As he always
says this is like old time hunting. There are no
farms within 20 miles of his place except for a old
dairy farm which doesn't have any cows any more.
All they have is hay lots.

This buck came into his stand out of the hard woods
in a way no other deer has ever come. He had a
scent bomb out with Buckeye Scents in it which the
buck was coming into. He was using a Thunderhead
broadhead, it was a 25 yard shot and the buck went
about 100 yards.

Tom and I were talking about everyone texting with
cell phones and he said one of his friends in camp
looked up the weather, the wind direction and the
good hunting times on his cell phone and Tom said
he was dead on. There was a 2 1/2 hour period in the
morning his phone said would be hot, and that was
when everyone in camp saw a lot of movement. He
watched the buck for about a minute before taking
the shot.