TOM PRICE: 10/30/10
          116 LB 8 Point BUCK

This is Tom's first bow buck and 2nd bow deer.
It's not the giant monster he was after down in
Branchport, NY, but when you harvest your
first bow buck, LIFE IS GOOD.

When his son Shane was in last week, we were
talking about not being nervous, maintaining
your cool and getting the job done.

His granddaughter Samantha helped him harvest
this nice buck. When he drew his bow, he was
saying over and over in his head, I love you
Samantha, I love you Samantha, I love you Samantha.
He had just sent a text to his son-in-law Shane, "what
about breakfast?", when he looked around and
there he was. The 100 grain Muzzy at 10:15 and the
rest is history.

This is a method, I was taught by my friend Ralph
Piccinino only Ralph says in his head, I love you
Julie, I love you Julie, I love you Julie.

When you have, two daughters, a granddaughter,
your son-in-law hunting partner, and your first bow
buck in the same picture you know,