R0N PENNA: 11/19/10
          9 Point BUCK

All I know is on Wednesday, Penna E-Mailed me to see
if he could get his $2.00 back for the deer contest. I told
him, "Keep hunting sweetheart", and he did obviously.
Right after he shot this buck he E-Mailed me and said he
had just shot a 10 point and was going to give it 45 minutes
before tracking it.

When I shot my 9 pointer hanging in the shop Roger
Lowden and I had taken over a roll of pictures before we
realized it was a 9 pointer instead of a 10.

The reason Penna got this buck is because he wasn't studying
the rack, he was getting the job done. Nothing like waiting till
the last day to "GET ER' DONE", Penna.

Earlier last week, he E-Mailed me that he had just passed on
a 130 class buck and hoped he hadn't made a mistake. The
reason he usually gets a nice buck is because he passes on
bucks that don't meet his goals.

I have one picture of this buck on my phone, but haven't
heard the story yet. Stay tuned for "The Rest of the Story".