RON  HENCHEN: 10/20/10
          168 1/2 LB
          123 2/8" 11 Point

For those of you who remember Dane Edwards
who passed away a few years back, in a way Dane
is still harvesting deer because this beautiful buck
was harvested with Dane's Onieda Eagle bow.

Dane and Ron were good friends, and the bow is
used to shooting record book bucks .

I met Ron a few years back and knew he had the
bowhunting sickness, but I didn't know how bad it

He lives, eats and sleeps whitetail deer, spending a
great deal of time of the year videoing them while he
is feeding the mosquitoes all summer. Somebody
got to feed em'.

Ron was hunting in Parma, NY at 4:00 pm when he
took this, his personal best buck with a 100 grain
Muzzy broadhead.

The shot was at five yards and the blood trail was two
hundred and fifty yards. Ron had problems with
tracking so he called his friend Jared Reger who helped
him sort out the blood trail. The buck took a sharp right
hand turn which the two of them figured out and the rest
is history. The buck had a total gross score of 130 6/8".

The picture on the rack didn't come out well in my picture,
but was given to Ron by another hunter who was hunting
the same buck. It is a real clear color picture of the buck
taken earlier in the fall. One real funkey point broke off
before Ron sent the buck to it's dirt nap.