RICKY SMITH: 10/16/10
          126 LB
          7 Point 66 7/8" BUCK

If you've been around Creekwood for any length of
time you know who Ricky is. You know him because
he set up your bow, built your arrows, kicked your
butt in competition or maybe gave you some pointers
out in the range.

Ricky said he had booked his trip to shoot in Vegas
and was glad he didn't kill a big one this year because
he spent a lot on his Vegas trip.

Ricky was hunting in
Kendall, NY when he took this nice buck. The shot was
10 yards at 6:20 pm with a 125 grain Thunderhead
broadhead. After the shot, he thought he didn't like the
hit, so he decided to back out and come back later.

They went and got something to eat and the more Rick
thought about the hit, the more he thought he was wrong
about his decision to wait. They decided not to wait, went
back, picked up the blood trail and after a short track,
jumped the buck which ran about 60 yards and died.

When they walked up on it, they realized the deer was
actually being eaten alive by coyotes. Four of the first
fourteen deer in the contest were eaten by coyotes
before the hunters could get to them. Something has to
be done about these coyotes. An average of 15 fawns
are taken to the pups in every den in the spring, not
counting the ones that were eaten where they were
killed. If I were in charge in the DEC I would put a bounty
on coyote's. Our coyote population is out of control and
deer aren't the only game animals they prey on. Rick
buck traveled 160 yards before going to his freezer.