120 LB DOE

This is the second deer Paul has harvested this season.
The first doe he harvested this year he gave to some
friends who let him hunt their property on Sweden Walker
Road. This doe he gave to his neighbor. I asked him if he
didn't like venison and he said, "No my family likes it and
I will kill more deer. The next one will be ours". His hunting
partner is my personal doctor, Sandy Sorrentino, who really
reminds me of Dr. Wellaby MD of TV fame. You couldn't ask
for a better doctor and to listen to Paul, the "Doc", is a super
hunting partner, and has taught him a lot.

Paul had a slight stroke a few years back and he hasen't
allowed it to slow him down a bit. I told him, I really
admired him for that, as I know a lot of people who allow
things that happen to them affect what they really like to
do in life. Paul was hunting in Clarkson, NY when he took
this nice doe with a 100 grain Muzzy broadhead at 5"45pm
with a 30 yard shot. The doe went about 150 yards and left
a challenging tracking job, but in the end,