MIKE ROFFE: 10/26/10
          161 3/4 LB
          8 Point 100 6/8" BUCK
Mike was hunting this Tuesday afternoon with
his friend Vince and two other guys. Four guys
dragging makes for a easy drag.

Mike as you know is one of Creekwood's three
musketeers, Ed Downey, Jerry Tinkous and Mike.
He had been hunting with them down in Letchworth,
but they didn't have any action.

Mike was hunting in Kendall, NY when he took this
nice buck. The shot was 20 yards and the buck went
about 250 yards. He was using a 100 grain Rage
broadhead and did not get a pass thru.

The buck came in from down wind and the wind
was brisk. It was 4:20pm and Mike couldn't believe
it didn't wind him.