MIKE MARINI: 10/23/10
Mike spent Saturday morning hunting with Tom Lewis
and in the afternoon he went out to Mendon to hunt a
friends property who had been begging him to come
kill some deer. So naturally Mike felt an obligation to
fulfill his friends wishes.

His plan was to kill a deer hunting with Tom, come to
Creekwood and enter the deer and then take it to Webster
where he has his deer processed. The fly in the ointment
was Mendon to Creekwood and Creekwood to Webster
was not going to work. I told him 130 pounds was in first
place and 111 pounds was in third place so Mike is going
to E-Mail me pictures along with the story of his hunt.

Then Mike harvested a 6 point buck with two points on one
side and four points on the other side with a drop tine and
the main beam broken off. Pictures to follow. Stay tuned for
"The Rest Of the Story".

Today 11/6/10 Mike had three does and a buck on his
property all morning. He thied all morning to get the
shot he wanted and couldn't make it happen.

He and his bride went to lunch and when they returned
the deer were back. His wife Mel and his daughter were
in the yard swinging and Mike went in the house, got his
bow and came out and shot her.

It was a 37 yard shot, she ran about 30 yards and laid
down. The buck went over to her, got her up, mounted
her and she fell over dead. All through this his bride and
daughter were still swinging.