JUSTIN REGER: 10/16/10
          191 1/2 LB
          8 Point 113 6/8" BUCK

I think these two brothers should start doing seminars
on how to harvest the buck of your lifetime.

Jared, Justins brothers goal was to help his brother fill
a tag with a buck of this caliber.

Last year Justin helped Jared hunt while experiencing
some major back issues and success was exceptional.
When you achieve your goal three years in a row, you
know your firing on all cylinders.

Justin watched this buck for fifteen minutes before he
got the shot, which was good, because as he said, "It
gave me time to get over the shakes".

This is his first bow buck.

The shot was 30 yards, the broadhead was a 100 grain
Rage, it was 6:20 in the morning, the place was Hilton,
NY and the smile won't be off his face for the rest of

his life talking about the day I harvested my first
bow buck.