JOE HIGGINS: 11/14/10
          182 1/2 LB
          8 Point 129 4/8"
          POPE & YOUNG BUCK

Joe worked hard on Saturday and went out Sunday
morning because it was going to be the last day he
could bowhunt. He was so beat, he almost didn't go.

Late in the morning he decided to hang it up, lowered
his gear and hiked back to the truck. He drove to a
spot where he could see better, and out in a cut hay
lot there was this buck laying down. Back he drove,
parked the truck, got his gear and started his sneak on
the ground. At about 20 yards he looked around a bush

and there was a doe looking right at him. Joe froze,
when he could move he went to the other side of the
bush where he would have a better shot at the buck
and the buck was gone.

He stood up to look and there were 5 bucks chasing the
doe. After watching a short time the doe started
running right at Joe and ran buy at just 10 feet. Joe
came to full draw and when the buck ran by, the arrow
was on it way.

The arrow entered the bucks right ham and lodged itself
just inside the left shoulder. Joe is shooting a Hoyt
Vulcan which is a extremely fast hunting bow at I think
70 pounds. He was shooting a G5 100 grain Montec

Everything happened so fast, Joe backed out, went back
to the truck, drove where he could see better, got the
binoculars out and there was his buck taking a dirt nap.
He is good friends with the farmer, and drove right
across a winter wheat field and figured the buck only
went about 30 yards. The buck must have lived only 30
seconds after the hit. He had sprayed the field the day
before, so he knew the truck wouldn't any damage.