180 LB
          10 Point 152 3/8"
          POPE & YOUNG BUCK

Holly and her husband Josh were hunting in Canadice,
NY in Ontario County, when she took this beautiful buck.
Like Christie Colin this young lady is a person you don't
want to go up against in target archery. Obviously she
doesn't need an "X" on a target to hit it.

Now imagine this, your in second grade, it is Monday
October 25th and your listening to a show and tell, the
story of a bowhunt, only it's the teacher doing the
talking, not one of the little kids doing the talking. Yes,
Holly is a school teacher. My second grade teacher was
Mrs. Faucet. We called her the old drip. If Holly had been
my second grade teacher, I would probably be a totally
different person.

Josh here husband also has very strong archery skills.
If you shoot WNYFAB Sunday shoots, you will meet
these two. They will also be shooting Creekwood's 420
Pro/Am Tournament on February 4th, 5th & 6th. Josh
was the strongest shooter in our 420 Pro/Am tournament
in February 2010, and this year it is sanctioned by the
NFAA with guaranteed payouts.

These are the words of Josh, Holly's husband and were taken
off the Elite Archery Forum: My wife took down another killer
NY buck on Saturday. This buck came by me around 8:15 and
I did not have a clear shot. About 35 minutes later my phone
was ringing that she got him. He went down 20 yards from the
shot. I Couldn't be more proud. She harvested a 149" 9 point in
2008 and upped it this year. It has a 20" inside spread, and 24"
main beams. She shot the buck with a 2009 Hoyt Avenger set
at 53 pounds and shooting a Rage 40KE 2 blade broadhead.
She is shooting NFAA Pro this year for target so the 5 yard
shot was not a problem LOL.

Holly grew up in the Albany area and her dad is the archer
person that got Holley up and running with a bow and arrow.
I'll bet when her dad thinks about that first day Holly
showed an interest in archery, he never dreamed it would
turn into this.