ERIC FRAZIER: 10/16/10
          180 LB
          12 Point 121 2/8"
          NYS Big Buck Club BUCK

Hunting isn't new to Eric, but bowhunting is. He came in
Creekwood and picked up a Turbo Hawk and fell in love
with something else besides his girlfriend Becky.

He took a lesson to get started right and then came in two
to four times a week to practice.

He is thinking his grunting may have brought the buck in.
He watched the buck for 2 to 3 minutes at 40 yards before
getting his 20 yard shot. His confidence is remarkable.

The hunt was in Canandaigua, NY and the Montec broadhead
did a super job as the buck only went 30 yards. Eric told me
he was thinking about going to a mechanical head and I
explained to him a 30 yard blood trail is a dream distance.