133 LB
          8 Point 84 1/8" BUCK

Don is not in the deer contest, which makes this
a Would'a-Could'a-Should'a buck, but like I told
him, we treat everybody the same, in or out of
the contest.

He was hunting with his friend Jon down in
Conesus, NY when he took this nice buck at
3:44 pm.

This is his second bow deer and he said, "I owe
it all to Creekwood, you made my arrows, you
sold me my 125 grain Phat Head broadheads and
they worked just like you said they wood".

I got a complete pass thru on a quartering toward
me shot, which didn't give me a good blood trail,
but I watched him tip over. He stopped, his rear end
went down a little bit and then he just tipped over

This buck had the most unusual feet. I told Don
they would make a real nice bow rack, but he
wasn't interested and offered to give them to

My wife made me one years ago which I like
very much.