DAN PORTER: 10/20/10
          187 LB
          12 Point 145 7/8"
          POPE & YOUNG BUCK

This buck had a gross score of 150 0/8" before deductions.
That is a lot of bone, as Ron Coyle would say.

Dan was hunting in Clarendon with his dad who wasn't
bowhunting this year. His dad saw the buck first and was
all excited, because it was heading his son's way. He called
his son on the walkie-talkie and was a bit loud. Dan couldn't
get it out of his pocket fast enough to turn the thing off.

As luck would have it, the buck didn't hear it. Dan watched
the buck for about five minutes, which he said, "It seamed
like a year".

When the shot presented itself he couldn't decide to try to stop
the buck while it was walking, or just shoot it while walking. He
opted for the latter, the 25 yard shot went between two trees
about a foot apart and he was worried about the hit until he saw
the blood pouring out of the buck. Then he knew he had arrived.

The time was 9:15 am. He was shooting a 100 grain Muzzy
broadhead, it wasn't a pass thru, but the buck only went 70 yards.
Picture your favorite football player running 70 yards for a t
ouchdown, but now picture how much faster a deer would cove
that much ground. That is a very effective hit.

I just a E-Mail from Dan with these two pictures attached.

I know the little blond on the right is his daughter for sure
and the one on the left is probably also. They are pretty
proud of there dad.