164 4/8" 12 Point BUCK
          POPE & YOUNG BUCK
Christie and Terry Colin usually make it on our contest
web every year.

They are always Would'a-Could'a-Should'as, not in the
actual contest. Terry her hubby possibly made the string
and cables on your bow. They own World Record Strings.
This young lady holds multiple world records in archery
and seems to be able to hit the mark even when there
isn't a "X" on it. More info to follow.

Hoyt Pro Staffer Christie Colin arrowed this giant - her
first whitetail buck - on a recent all-ladies bowhunt at
Eagle Lakes Outfitters in Pike County, Illinois.

Big Buck Down! Team Hoyt 12/14/2010

Team Hoyt's Christie Colin proves she's a double threat in
the whitetail woods and in the heat of competition!

My 2010 whitetail hunt of a lifetime has certainly become
one of the most exciting accomplishments of my archery
career. This past summer, I moved from NY to PA and with
the move, taking care of my one-year-old and three-year-old
sons, and keeping up with a busy tournament schedule, it
looked like I just wouldn’t have any time to scout or bowhunt.
I’ve always wanted to go on a hunt of some sort, but really
dreamed of shooting a trophy whitetail before I ventured on
to shoot anything else. My husband thought this year would
be the perfect time to make my dream come true, but I never
thought I would love every part of it as much as I did.
In late October, I went to Eagle Lakes Outfitters in Pike County,
Illinois to join 10 other ladies – including Hoyt’s very own Vicki
Cianciarulo – for what would be the coolest hunt I have ever
been on! First of all, an all-ladies deer camp was a lot of fun. I
absolutely loved the fact that we had professional hunters in
camp as well as ladies who had never shot anything. It made
for some great storytelling and advice giving around the campfire.
I was fortunate enough to harvest a doe the second day, and
that same evening I shot my trophy buck that scored 164 4/8!
The corn was not all cut, the weather was warm, and the deer
were not in rut yet, so hunting and finding a trophy was not e
xactly easy. As soon as I took the shot at this great buck with
my Hoyt Maxxis 31, I was shaking with pure excitement! No
tournament, head to head match, or any other major archery
accomplishment that I have had has compared to this great
achievement! Vicki, my guide, and one of my fellow hunters
came along and shared the tracking of my deer, and we were
all surprised to discover that my deer was in fact not a 10-point
but a 12-point!
Editor’s Note: Since Christie arrowed her trophy whitetail, she has been
tearing up the tournament trail, finishing second at the Gator Cup and
winning the bronze medal at the Face 2 Face in Amsterdam. Hoyt would
like to congratulate Christie on her awesome success in the whitetail
woods and in her recent tournaments!
Tournament photos by Dean Alberga (