BRANDON WARD: 10/02/10
          103 Pound 8 Point
          66 1/8" BUCK

Brandon is quite an archer. He has a cousin who lives
in Ohio, where they have a Youth Hunt similar to what
we have for turkeys in NYS.

There were four Young Adults hunting in his group in
Licking County Ohio and Brandon was the only one who
harvested a deer, and what a nice buck it is.

I remember when I was 16 and the night before my first
big game hunt, I didn't get any sleep at all.

So now you have to picture this: Brandon and his
dad Steve are sitting in a buddy stand and Brandon
is sound asleep on his dads shoulder. Dad see's
some movement and gives Brandon the elbow, he
wakes up, dad whispers, there is a buck coming. It
was a 25 yard shot with the buck going only 100
yards before taking his dirt nap.

The deed was done with a SlickTrix broadhead. There
are special days you have hunting and it doesn't get
any better than this. The buck would have been a little
heavier if they hadn't cut his legs off for transport.

To continue the story of this young hunter in 2010, it is
now December 10th and Brandon and his dad Steve
are hunting a spot where they are pretty sure they can
harvest a doe and at the same time this super buck
had the same idea, to go doe hunting.

Brandon with one shot from his 12 gauge put another
installment into his memory bank. Once they get this
guy in the freezer don't be surprised to here more from
these two hunters.