BRAD CARNEY: 10/30/10
          155 1/2 LB
          8 Point 93 6/8" BUCK

Brad took this nice 8 pointer hunting in Geneseo, NY
where he hangs his hat now. He took it at 8:00am in
the morning with a 41 yard shot using his PSE Omen.

If you are new to Creekwood you may not know Brad,
but if you have been a customer for any length of
time you know Brad as on of our employees, a
Brockport College student, one of our top shooters
who maybe kicked your butt and for the last couple
years one of our shop shooters.

He is a FUN person to be around and a great ambassador
of our shop and the sport.

He took the shot with the buck in heavy brush and just
before the arrow got there it hit a small branch he couldn't
see at that distance. When I asked him if it was a pass thru
he said, Ben it's an Omen. So I invented a new word.
When something gets OMENIZED there are always two
holes. He shoots one pin, and