174 1/2 LB
          12 Point 103 3/8" BUCK

Adam was hunting with Brian Flaherty just like
last year in the same swamp when he took this
nice buck.

The major difference was his son Gunner didn't
come with them to enter the buck.

This is Adam's third bow deer and his best deer
ever and with a bow, as he said even made it
more special.

The shot was 22  yards and the buck tipped over
within sight only 40 yards away. Adam came in
the house and didn't say anything to anyone. After
supper he said to Gunner, his son, "You better go
get your shirt and boots on". Gunner said, "You got
a buck, didn't you dad. Adam said, yes I did, lets
go get em'.

Adam was using a 100 grain Muzzy broadhead which
gave him a complete pass thru. His hunting spot is in
the town of Riga and the deed was done at 5:45pm, just
30 minutes after getting to his stand. Adam grunted
this buck in.

It's too bad my photography skills aren't equal to Adam's
hunting skills. The scale was pointing to 174 1/2 pounds,
which is means this swamp buck was humongous and,


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