140 LB - 8 Point 88 2/8" BUCK

Travis is in here every year with a bow deer. When
I said that in the shop tonight, he said he didn't get
one in 2003.

When you consider the average bowhunter gets
a deer with a bow every 9 years, Travis is an
exceptional bowhunter.

This is his best buck ever with a bow or gun, This
is also his first November buck. He has been
passing on a lot of deer this year. As a matter of
fact, he passed on this very buck, last week. He
harvested this buck at 5:00pm with a Striker 100
grain broadhead creating a pass thru shot at 14
yards. The buck went 125 yards to his final dirt nap.

If Travis looks like someone you know, maybe you
purchase stuff from his farm at the Greece farmers