TOM LEWIS: 11/06/09

Your looking at a man that had a problem that everyone
reading this wish they shared. There are no pictures of the
4 point because I didn't take any. These pictures were
taken of a buck Tom took in 2000.

Tom called me Friday and said, "Would you like some venison?",
I said, what's up. Tom said, I got a buck today with my bow and
I have so much Elk meat I really don't need and can't use any
more meat. Would you like it? I said to Tom, "Does a bear s h -- t
in the woods?

He came to the shop, I went out with the camera and tape
to score it. The buck was on the top of his van. He had his
bride with him and they were in a hurry.

After some discussion, Tom said he would take it over to
Mike Smith's on Peck Road to have it cut up for me.