TIM FEDERICO: 11/13/09
                 160 LB
                  97 7/8" BUCK

And they say Friday the 13th is unlucky. Tim is a
regular for Creekwood's deer contest. He has a
company FED TECH OUTDOORS that I need to talk
with him about. He started his own hunting club
called Team Flatlanders.

This guy lives, breaths, and sleeps hunting. His
bow, shotgun and muzzle loader are all his best
friends. He does a lot of hunting in Victor, NY and
has a camp in Burns, NY where he took this nice

He has a special $2.00 bill hanging on the shelf at
Creekwood which he wants back. It's his lucky
$2.00 bill which he pays for his contest with. Last
year he won $10.00 in the blind drawing and I
thought he would try to get his special $2.00 bill
back, but instead he had me put him in the contest
fot the next 5 years.

He has been talking with me about doing a seminar
at Creekwood entitled, "The last 10 seconds". He
has a programmed plan for every aspect of all his
hunts. He has been on a bunch of super bucks this
season, but none within range. On this hunt he was
in his stand and his bride texted him at 4:17: What
kind of a gun case do you want for Christmas? He
was standing in his stand because he knows, "You
can't let your guard down", and with his magic right
thumb answered her question. He heard a noise
and it was the buck, not a squirrel. The buck was
heading toward him so there was no immediate shot.
He kept watching the buck saying, I'm going to pass,
maybe I'll shoot, no I'm going to pass, NO I'M GOING
TO KILL HIM. The buck had looked up but Tim really
didn't think the buck had made him. Because the
buck had looked up Tim put the pin about 3" low.
At 4:20 the buck had tipped over dead. It was a 32
yard shot and the buck only walked 20 yards. His
broadhead was a Fixed Blade Rocket. Tim is a person
who enjoys hunting so much, it's amazing he can
stay alive between seasons, but he does and,