PAUL SHAVER: 11/08/09
          143 LB 5 POINT
           60 6/8" BUCK

Paul and Julie came in and I knew by the look
on his face he had taken a deer. I said, "well"?
He said this has been a no deer year. I haven't
seen s_ _ t. Then he said I got a 5 point this
morning, but it's been tough. When your
surrounded by an aura like this I think it makes
for good karma

It draws the deer in like no tomorrow. Where he
hunts, the farmers went to soy beans instead of
the usual corn and it changed everything.

Paul has been hunting with his friends, Ray and Matt
Glover but this weekend he and Julie went to camp
in Randolph, NY. He wasn't seeing much in his
favorite spot and decided to move up the hill above
the Hemlocks. Not seeing anything there, he was
saying to himself, I'll just make this a fun day somehow.
He watched a Pileated Woodpecker on the ground
working over a dead log.

He was thinking, that was cool when he heard a stick
break in the Hemlocks. Out came the buck. It was a
28 yard shoot with the buck only going 43 yards. His
Whack-Um broadhead did it's job at 8:20am.

The buck had been rubbing his rack on something
probably metallic. Both antlers are flattened out
about 2 1/2 inches up from the bases, but that
doesn't effect the taste of the venison.


Paul was having issues with squirrels causing
broken arrows and wrecked judo points. G5 SGH
(Small Game Head) seems to have solved his
problem. This looks like a Pope & Young Squirrel.
Score: Paul 1 Squirrel 0