MIKE MORAN: 11/17/09
          164 1/2 LB 8 POINT
          113 5/8" BUCK

Every year one of Mike's friends enters him in
the contest. I believe that is good luck. When
Mike was in with his son Max entering this super
buck, I found out this guy is a major leaguer. He is
going to send me some pictures of a 16 year old
9' Brown Bear he shot and a 175 lb Mountain Lion.
Stay tuned for those pictures.

Mike harvested this buck in Williamstown, NY near
Tug Hill at 11:55am. It was a 28 yard shot and the
buck only went 20 yards. You know the 125 grain
Thunderhead broadhead did a super job when the
deer goes a shorter distance than the shot.

When Mike shot the buck it was dogging two does.


Hi Ben, As promised I am forwarding the pics of my
most recent Big Game hunts. The Cougar was taken
December 2008 in Colorado.

The Brown Bear was taken this past May in Alaska
(Chichagof Island area near Glacier Bay.)

I will send the Cougar phots now and a follow-up email
with the Bear pics> If the file gets too large AOL will be
unable to deliver the message.

It was great seeing you at the weigh-in and I want to
thank you for putting me and my son Max on the
website. It means a great deal to both of us. See
you later, Mike Moran