MATT BERES: 11/07/09
          133 0/8" POPE & YOUNG BUCK

Over 16 years of this deer contest, I have had fun
writing about my customers hunts, but this story
takes the cake.

This young man (24 years old) was bowhunting with
his dad. They are communicating via text messages.
Matt has only two arrows (which is a hint to his girl
friend for a Christmas gift) one of which has a
broadhead (G5 125 grain Striker) belonging to his
father. This kid is hurting for stuff.

A doe comes out at 20 yards and Matt shoots over
her back and into the mud. He texts his dad, I just
missed a doe and she is heading your way.

Dad shoots the doe and texts back, I got her. After a
while Matt text's his dad, I'm going to get down, get
my arrow and I'll be over.

Matt climbs down, walks over to his arrow, gets
down on one knee, pulls his arrow out of the mud
and bangs it on his leg to get the mud off of the
arrow. He hears a stick break, looks up and see's
the rack he is holding in his hand above the brush.

He nocked the arrow, mud and all on his bow, and
the buck was walking right toward him. He stopped,
stood still for a while where the doe had been,
turned to the right, Matt raised up at full draw, put
the 20 yard pin on him, the arrow was on it's way
and the deed was done.

He waited a moment and texted his dad, "I just shot
a huge buck". His dad couldn't believe it, but it was
so, so true. Dad came over to Matt, they put a
finishing arrow into him and now they had two deer
to deal with.

What a pleasant problem. A day neither one of them
will never forget. Archery - The sport that tests your
emotions. The buck was taken in Kendall, NY at 9:30am.
Matt just E-Mailed me these pictures he took with his
phone in the woods. Pictures taken on site are so much
nicer than the one's taken at Creekwood.