MARK KESSLER: 11/08/09
          160 LB 10 POINT
          111 1/8" BUCK

Mark has been bringing deer into Creekwood for
lots of years hunting with Ricky Smith.
The difference
is, this year, this is his best bow buck ever.

In a mans life you don't have a lot of days you will
never forget. He took this beautiful 10 point with a
30 yard shot using a Stinger broadhead hunting in
Murrey, NY. It was 4:20pm and the buck only went
50 yards.

Today, actually Mark got a double. When he got
home from the hunt, there was a coyote in his
back yard.

With his guns in the gun safe, there was no time for
that. His bow was in the truck. He grabbed it and
made a perfect heart shot on the coyote which
weighed 44 pounds. That's a big coyote and really
helps the deer population along with all the small
game animals. The average coyote den takes 15 to
22 fawns a year, and those are just the one's the
adults bring back to the pups. That doesn't count
the one's that are eaten in the field. Coyotes are
not a natural predator in New York State. I believe
they were imported by the Insurance Lobbyists.