KOREY  McNEES Jr: 10/29/09
          134 LB - 6 Point
           70 3/8" BUCK

You are looking at a young man, who other than
"Moses", had never seen another buck. Oh!, you
want to know about "Moses". I guess only Korey
McNees Jr. or Sr., can answer that question.
Because "Moses" has a special place in both of
there lives, you will probably be waisting your
breath asking about "Moses".

Korey's day kind of went like this. Go to school, go
hunting, go to sleep in the stand, wake up at 5:20,
25 minuts later he hears a sound behind him and
thinks it's a doe, then the head lifts up and holy-moly,
it's a buck, a 6 point.

Korey started shaking, he drew his bow, then he
looked away to try to calm himself down, realaised
he couldn't stop shaking and said to himself, don't
look at the rack, he picked the spot and the 100 grain
Muzzy was on it's way to create a blood trail a blind
man could follow.

The rest is history, Korey had a day which is burned
into his memory so deep, no part of this day will
ever be erased.