JULIE  SEALY: 10/25/09
          148 LB 5 Point BUCK

Below is an E-mail I received from Julie. This is her
second year hunting with a bow. Here is a picture
from last year to help you remember who she is. I
can't believe she gave up on this lucky hat.

How have you been doing? John, Gage, ZoŽ, and I
have been doing great. Hunting season has been
going pretty good. John got a doe the 1st weekend;
Gage nothing yet but weíre hoping soon. 

The pictures Iím sending you are from this past
Sunday 10/25/09 at 10am.  My buck is a 5pt. and
John weighed him in at 148lbs. I harvested him
down in Letchworth State Park.

I shot him at 20yds and he ran about 60yds. As John
was gutting him he stated that I shot him in the top
of his heart so he went quickly.

I know we didnít sign up for your contest this year but I
wanted to keep you informed. Iíll send more pictures if
Gage and John get one. ZoŽ will be old enough next year
to hunt.

Remember: ďA family that hunts together stays
together!Ē What I want to know is, where is the
As a matter of fact I do hunt like a GIRL", hat?