157 3/4 LB 10 Point
          98 2/8" BUCK

Jeff has been hunting all his life, and today he had
a experience he will never forget.

He is in his stand, it's just getting legal shooting
time and he heard something that sounded like a
car coming thru the brush. He is thinking to himself,
what in the world is that, when he see's a doe,
tongue hanging out being chased by 12 bucks. She
came by his stand, he had his bow in hand at full draw,
trying to stop the bucks with his voice, and all the
bucks were deaf. After 4 or 5 minutes of this they all
went off.

Jeff sat down and said to himself, WOW! 5 minutes
later, here she comes again with all the bucks again
behind her. This time he tried almost screaming to
stop them to no avail as they were all still deaf.
What a morning.

All was quiet for twenty minutes or so when he saw
two 4 pointers, nothing he wanted to shoot. twenty
more minutes passed, and a nice 6 point came in
sight, came into bow range. Jeff at full draw decided
to pass. Even though he was a super wide buck, he
decided to pass.

About 20 more minutes passed and what he thought
was a six point, but with better mass came by and he
decided at 9:30am to take him. It was a 30 yard shot
and at the end of a 75 yard blood trail he found a 10
point. Jeff was hunting in Ogden, NY. The 100 grain
G5 Montec broadhead did a super job. This was
Jeff's first 10 point. The only thing that could have
made this day better was to have his daughter, Holly
with him for the pictures and weigh in. She was in
school getting even smarter than her teacher. This is
my opinion, not Jeff's.