GREG  PERRIN: 10/25/09
          148 1/2 LB 5 POINT
          64 0/8" BUCK

Greg was at full draw with the bucks head behind
a big tree. He was waiting for the buck to step out
when he realized the vitals were right there.

In an instant the 4 blade Muzzy was on its 25 yard
flight. The buck only went 40 yards and the Naples,
NY buck was having a dirt nap.

The week before his brother Ron, had a shot at the
same buck and only grazed it. Sure enough the
mark was on the bucks belly.

Greg thought the buck was being pushed by two red
foxes. Right after the shot the two foxes were standing
exactly where the buck had stood for the shot. His
sister on the left is looking for a gun class so she can
bowhunt. She won the distance judging contest in
Creekwood's NYS Bowhunter Education Class this fall.
Dad in the background is very proud of all his kids.