DAN STRONG: 10/30/09
          168 LB - 12 Point
          120 3/8" NYS BIG BUCK CLUB BUCK

Some days are diamonds, some days are stones.
When it's your first year bowhunting, it's your birthday,
you harvest a mature whitetail that put you in the NY
State Big Buck Club and the only negative thing is
you missed your birthday party.

What do you think, diamond or stone?

Dan was using Buckeye Doe in Heat we sell at the
shop. He had it out on Q-Tips. The buck was keyed
on the scent and never new Dan was there.

Yes, that's right - People, Eating, Tasty, Animals,
PETA. That's Joe's truck.

Believe it or not, he thought it was a 6 point when
he shot it. Like Jeff Adams, Dan is another hunter
coached by Joe Bernstine.

168 pounds ties my heaviest buck ever.

When you put a 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 year old buck on the
scale, it kind of takes up the whole platform.

This was a tough buck to score. Like Joe said when
we were scoring it, " There's lots of junk on the trunk".
It was 5:52pm, a 15 yard shot in Carlton, NY, and the
100 grain Muzzy, did the deed. The buck had a gross
score of 134 6/8". I would bet money, Dan is hooked
for life on bowhunting.