190 LB 15 POINT
   Gross Total 141 4/8" and
Typical after deductions 118 5/8"

When Clint brought this buck in with Joel Taylor,
I wasn't here and Ron wasn't comfortable scoring
it, so all he did was weigh the monster buck and
take the pictures.

Clint is going to bring the rack back in so I can get
my hands on this great buck and score it. I am so
blessed to have this business which gives me the
oppertunity to interface hith all these great hunters.
What a unique animal. One of his points can't be
seen unless you part the fur. As you can see it is
a massive rack.

Clint was hunting in Rush, NY when he took this
fantastic animal. He took it with a 100 grain Muzzy
broadhead, which by the way has been the # 1
broadhead for the 16 years I have been holding this

His shot was 10 yards. To have the moxie to keep
your stuff together with a buck of this caliber that
close means Clint can control his emotions.

The buck traveled only 60 yards to his permanent
dirt nap. I can't wait to get, "The rest of the story",
from Clint. Yes, I miss Paul Harvey and,

The minimum for NYS Big Buck Club Non-Typical
is 140". Lots of junk on the trunk buck, Clint!