BRYAN ZELLER: 11/15/09
          163 LB 8 POINT BUCK

This is Bryan and his bride Michelle Zeller, two of
the people from the Buffalo area we compete with
every Sunday over the winter.

Bryan is in my opinion one of the lucky guys
where his bride really shows a strong interest in
his bowhunting.

Michelle wasn't hunting, but was with Bryan when
he shot this buck. This is an E-Mail I got from Bryan:

This is my FIRST EVER BOW HARVEST and what
a BRUTE, 10 points, and field dressed at 163 lbs.

It was awesome. If you look on on
there trophy page, Michelle and I are on there.

 I won a new Reezon in a gun raffel at West Falls
Gun Club. I ordered it 2 weeks before season. It
came in the Saturday before season.

I shot it all week long trying to get used to it. I
guess I did get it done as the 19 yard shot was a
perfect heart shot and he only ran 60 yards
before he dropped.
I'm looking forward to seeing you two this winter.