140 1/2 LB - 8 Point
          95 5/8" BUCK

Well most all of you know Brian. He worked at
Creekwood for a while, has been a shop shooter
for us for a couple years, and is just an all round
great guy.

He has taken some does with his bow, but this was
his first buck. Not a bad start Bri!

Brian had his stand up in a swamp area, and with
all the rain we have had, knee high boots weren't
high enough. He was in his stand, soaked to the
bone, thinking what an idiot he was.

Then he heard footsteps in the water an he knew
it wasn't a squirrel. He went from an emotional
breakdown, to it's a doe, to it's a shooter buck, to
getting the monkey off his back of harvesting his
first buck.

 It was a 43 yard shot and the buck tipped over only
making it 30 yards. He was shooting a G5 100 grain
Montec broadhead.

He was hunting with his long time friend Adam who
is a big time Marine tank commander  trainer person.
When these two are hunting with each other the
conversations kind of go like this: "Black 6, this is
red dog leader, I made contact with an enemy buck
and he is down". "I copy red dog, we'll rendezvous
at zero 700, copy?" I was never in the service, so I'm
probably really butchering this, but I hope you get the

Adam's son Gunner, was into it big time this day
also. They were hunting in Barre, NY.